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Eric Hunstad, L.Ac is the co-founder, co-owner, and Clinical Director of the Titusville Acupuncture Wellness Center.

Eric Hunstad, L.Ac is a Titusville native and a graduate from Cocoa Beach High School. He attended the University of Central Florida for his undergraduate degree and obtained his graduate degree from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Florida. Eric Hunstad, L.Ac is a firm believer in continuing education. He remains on the leading edge of innovation in acupuncture by constantly learning both deeply traditional rarely seen techniques and modern medical acupuncture discoveries. He travels all over the country to learn from the most advanced experts in the field. In fact, he has completed well over 1,000 hours of continuing education since graduating in 2003. Some of his favorites include training at MD Anderson in Houston on Acupuncture for Oncology Patients, training in Miami on East Meets West in Reproductive Medicine, and specialized training all over the country on Acupuncture for Ophthalmology, Acupuncture for Traumatic Brain Injuries, The Neuroscience of Acupuncture, and Electro-Acupuncture Medicine.

Eric Hunstad, L.Ac is the author of two books- The Acupuncture Information Manual ( which is an evidence-based resource manual for the use of acupuncture for over 40 common medical conditions and Old School Kung Fu which is a training manual for students of Chinese martial arts and is available at

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Leslie Hunstad

Co-founder, Co-owner, and Office Manager

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